Sunday, October 01, 2006

Working the Network !

Not all jobs are posted in newspapers or online. So how do you ...
1. Find out about these job openings
2. How do you apply for the jobs that are not advertised anywhere

Well the answer is simple. Network Network Network !
Its a matter of letting everyone you know what you do and that you are looking for a new opportunity. You will be surprised with the responses.

Don't limit yourself to business contacts.
Here is a list of people you can talk to :
  1. Family friends
  2. Local politicians
  3. Relatives
  4. Journalists
  5. Neighbors
  6. Business executives
  7. Professors
  8. Non-profit directors
  9. Alumni
  10. Your physician
  11. Former employees
  12. Your hair dresser
  13. Former co-workers
  14. Prominent community members
  15. Public relations officials
  16. Members of professional organizations

Now you ask where are you going to find these people
Well start with these places
  1. Local alumni association
  2. Conventions
  3. Class reunions
  4. Club meetings
  5. Cocktail parties
  6. Neighborhood parties
  7. Internet list-servers
  8. Fundraisers
  9. Volunteer opportunities
  10. Business conferences
  11. Continuing education classes

Make every opportunity count. Treat each meeting like a mini interview.

Make an impression that sticks !

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