Tuesday, October 31, 2006

What To Do Before and After You Lose a Job

Penelope S. Tzougros, Ph.D., ChFC, CLU explains it well as she brings up points that you might take for granted and may have ignored as part of living.

"No matter how secure you think your job is, every once in a while you should conduct a "fire drill" and go over your own safe exit strategy. Don't wait for rumors about lay off at your company. Be aware of the conditions of other companies in your industry and your state. Here are some ABC's for staying flexible like the trees that make it through storms.

These make perfect sense.
  1. Asses your job skills
  2. Asses your strengths
  3. Acknowledge your deficiencies
  4. Figure out which ones could get you fired
  5. Decide what to fix

I think it is easy to criticize oneself as we think we are perfect. I love "constructive criticism" but its hard to acknowledge your weaknesses...forget working on them :) But it sure becomes critical when you have a family to feed. So its best to follow the advice given by the experts in the field like Ms. Tzougros.

She also says that "Be aware of your spending habits. Before any crisis hits, you should know how much money you really need to live on. That must include saving for days when you have no work, and paying on your debts."

I think we should all do this - "Don't carry more credit card debt than you can pay off in three months."

When she mentions about staying connected with people I have seen that it REALLY WORKS. What works is to "NEVER BURN BRIDGES"....however much you feel that you want to get back after you have been let go...don't go around saying bad stuff about the people or company...remember if you were let go it was no a "good fit" for both.

I think this article is a good read. Link
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