Saturday, October 14, 2006

Career Planning Tips

The time has come for back to basics and candid and honest behavior in business. The days for the "stuffed shirt syndrome" are gone. Blogs have made this possible. Employers are looking for real people.

Here are 5 tips to planning your career

  1. "Do what you like and the money will follow." If you do something you like, you know you will take interest and try to be the best at it.

  2. "Planning is key". Planning your next move and keeping your ears and eyes open will make all the difference.

  3. "Big brother is watching". Remember you are being watched all the time at your work place. So if you are aiming at the manager's position, start taking that role in your mind and dress for success.

  4. "Research and conclude". The more research you do about your next career move, the more likely you are to end up in the right place. One advantage of having been in a job you dislike is that you know what to avoid.

  5. "Effective time management is an art form". Spending quality time on your next career move is essential. So if you are surfing the net make a word doc and start putting all your findings in one place. And PRINT IT ! The next time you want to find that great resouce, and in case the internet is down you have the list of important things right in your hand.

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