Saturday, April 07, 2007

Analyze your career !

Try this webiste to analyze your career.....

Career Change? Do You Have a Job – Or a Career?

You have a job – but do you have a career? Are you happy with where that career track is taking you? Have you considered a career change?

If your answer to one or both questions was 'no' or 'yes, but...' or just 'well...' – welcome to the crowd.

A lot of us get through life with work that is 'good enough.' 'Good enough' work pays the bills. It provides security. It involves spending 40 hours a week or more on activities we don't mind, with people we like well enough. But 'good enough' work can't provide us with the pleasure and satisfaction we seek out of life.

Some of us even stay in jobs we hate. We feel trapped and unhappy but hesitate to try something else because we are afraid of being without income, or we don't think we can do any better, or we simply don't know what our options or even our preferences are. What many people don't realize is that career changes are becoming more and more popular as we are looking for better opportunities in the work place.

Monday, April 02, 2007

TOP 10 things your boss hates about YOU !

This article hits the nail on the head when it lists the top ten reasons your boss would hate you. Do you know what they are?

Yup this one made the front page of DIGG !

Overworked, mistreated and underappreciated? Think you're the only one with a right to complain? Think again. Mira Katbamna reveals 10 things your boss hates about you !

In short they are.... but you HAVE TO READ THE ARTILCE to understand why !

  1. Lateness
  2. Lack of initiative
  3. Too much initiative
  4. Bitching and whining
  5. Disloyalty
  6. Lack of passion. Or interest
  7. Trying to be their best friend
  8. Petty lying
  9. Childishness
  10. Wanting their job