Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Break The Mold ! Tweet your CV!

In today's fast paced society where there is information overload, unorthodox out-of-the-box thinking can land you a job. Like tweeting your cv. This unusual way of using social media makes using the conventional way of using email and phone calls....boring! Read Alicia Wood's article on how Greg Jericho lands a job via Twitter!!

Just the job: the tweet CV - applying for work in 140 characters by 

Could you sell yourself in 140 characters?
by By Alicia Wood of My

Microblogging site Twitter is favoured for its brevity, but it could also land you a job. The Guardian reported this week that media executive Alan Geere asked budding reporters to apply for a job by tweet.
In his blog, Mr Geere said: "I'm fed up wading through turgid 'letters of application' and monstrous CVs outlining an early career in retail handling and a flirtation with the upper slopes of the Andes."

Greg Jericho, perhaps best known by his Twitter handle @GrogsGamut, knows the value of Twitter in wrangling a job offer. He has more than 8000 followers – among them politicians, journalists and academics – and has attracted praise as well as censure for his incisive political commentary.
Last month, he quit his job as a public servant, and will soon begin working as a researcher for the new Chaser project – The Hamster Wheel.

He credits Twitter with getting him the job.

Read more of her article here.

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