Thursday, September 27, 2007

Telling Good Stories...Are you good at that?

Acing interviews is like being able to spin a great story about yourself to the big boss behind the desk. Making them believe in you and your abilities.

When someone says, "Tell me about yourself," they don't want to hear you rattle off a list of what you've done or what you've accomplished. Telling stories about yourself takes practice. So the length of your story will depened upon the time you have for the interview.

If you have only a few minutes, color your life in a way that the person listening to you will remember what you just said. Practice the answer to this very "STANDARD" yet very very important question numerous times before you go for any interview. Do it aloud and you will see how you sound to yourself.

I have been asked that many is one of my many responses...

..well, I love to create and I have created a website for Indian Cuisine & Culture Made Easy in the United States, which has recipes, cultural tid-bits and a wealth of information on India. Also, since creativity is my passion, I create Elegant personal and corporate Gift Baskets that people love to give or get that are filled with some very yummy goodies.

Mind you I did write the "schpeel" down and altered it many times before it flowed as if it were not practiced. So sit down and write your "schpeel" and practice the story of your working life so far....interview related, and see how much easier your next interview is.

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