Thursday, January 25, 2007

What motivates someone to buy something?

If you are in Sales then that is something you ask yours self everyday.
Yes, you are trained by your company and are a real good talker.

However traditional sales people force feed their own reasons and do not focus on uncovering what the prospect is trying to overcome, improve or eliminate by buying sooner, rather than later. Prospects really do not want to think about anything, they actually want time to "compare". Compare your features and benefits with that of their current vendor or other competitors trying to get in on that business.

Quite often in the eyes of the prospect your features and benefits are not much different from their current vendor or others competing in your field. Hence price becomes a front end and back end obstacle as they focus on YOUR reasons (features and benefits), not their problems and negative effects that are already costing them time, energy and money by not using your product or service.

So the simple trick to to LISTEN first and reiterate what the customer just said. Listen and then suggest ways to make LIFE EASIER for that particular problem !

You will be the best sales person. Don't forget to close the sale ! i.e Asking for the Money and their commitment to buy.

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