Friday, November 17, 2006 - A website which offers job search information and community resources.

If you've been laid off at least once, try a pro-active, rather than a re-active, approach in your next job search. But finding a job is a job in itself. There are so many places to look. As I have said before yes networking works but there is a Hidden Job Market - What is it?

I came accross a great site -
I usually like to check out the sites and really see if they are useful as there is way too much info on the web nowadays.

Anyway, JobStar is a California based website which offers job search information and community resources for California. (only certain counties) Mary-Ellen Mort, M. L. S. is the Project Director & Webmaster. Although the site targets CA I think it has very useful information that can be used anywhere.

Here are 3 Articles I found that will help the job seeker.
  1. Step-by-Step Plan for Using the Internet to Go "Beyond the Want Ads" has 6 steps that will help you plan better. They are 1. Focus on your selling points. 2. Focus on one position and one target industry. 3.Develop a custom list of targeted employers. 4. Use your network. 5. Make contact with the employer. 6.Get help

  2. INDUSTRY RESEARCH - Tips on Industry trends, areas of growth, leading companies, companies in your geographic area, "insider" tips on skills in demand, products or services in greatest demand, new technologies.

  3. COMPANY RESEARCH - Lists resources to keep up with the latest news about the company you are interested in.

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