Saturday, September 30, 2006

Job Interviewing Tips - The Steps to a Successful Job Interview

Prepare for your next interview by following these steps to a successful job interview:

Preparation is Key

When preparing for an interview, take the time to research the company and industry before hand. This shows that you are resourceful and have a genuine interest in the position. You can utilize the internet to learn about their product and services, history, mission statements, etc.
If possible, drive by the company the day before - getting lost can make you late for the interview, in addition to making you nervous and anxious. Make sure to take with you names, addresses, and dates of employment from previous employers along with extra copies of your resume. Make sure to fill out the application completely - do not write "see resume."

First Impressions

It is important that you reflect a positive attitude - do not dread the interview. Believe in yourself and your abilities. Take a deep breath and relax. Remember the interview is not an interrogation - it is an opportunity to present your work history and personality as it relates to the position. Remember that professional dress is key. For women, a nice blouse, blazer and skirt/slacks are suitable. For men, a dress shirt, tie, blazer and slacks are appropriate.

Arrive 10 minutes early, and be positive and friendly to the receptionist and other people in the office. They could be your future co-workers. Never chew gum or smoke before, during, or after an interview, even if offered. When you are introduced to the interviewer stand up straight and give a firm handshake.

The Interview

Let the interviewer set the tone and pace of the interview but not necessarily control the interview. It is your responsibility to express to the interviewer your qualifications, work history and why you are the best person for the job. Sell yourself! Answer the interviewer's questions directly, but give details.


Q: Have you worked on MSWord?
A: Yes, I have used MSWord for the last 3 years and I am very comfortable with it.
Make sure to relate your answers to the position you are applying for.


If you are interviewing for a customer service position, talk about your experience dealing with people and problem solving.
Remember to never offer personal information (unless directly related to the job) or talk negatively about previous employers.

The Closing

At the end of the interview, be ready to ask some questions. You need to show your interest in the company & position. We suggest that you do not ask questions related to salary or benefits - they are not appropriate at this time.

Sample Questions:

Why is this position open?
Please describe the personality that fits this description.
Please describe a typical workday.
If you are interested in the position, be sure to let the interviewer know, even if they don't ask. Say - "I appreciate the time you have given me and I am highly interested in joining your company.

What is the next step?

Always send a hand written thank you note as soon as possible (if you met with more than one person, send one to each person individually). Include again that you appreciate their time and why you feel you would be the best person for the job. Be short and simple. If you haven't heard from them within a week, call to politely inquire. Do not call too often, as you do not want to pester them, but do call to express interest.

Always remember to be yourself and answer all questions honestly

You should feel confident that no matter what the outcome may be, you presented yourself to the best of your abilities. If one job doesn't come through, it probably wasn't the right one for you and there is another out there that is!

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